The Topology Cut and Paste applet is a web based Java applet that implements the topology cut and paste algorithms to aid a user in identifying or classifying a compact topological surface represented by its planar diagram. It will require you to enter a valid planar diagram as a string of edges labels. Then you can manipulate the diagram until a suitable simplified version has been found. This applet expects its user to understand what a planar diagram is, and how it may be manipulated. Please read the tutorial to learn how to use this applet.

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Many examples, concepts, and proofs regarding this method may be found in chapter 4 of Topology of Surfaces by L. Christine Kinsey.

The applet should run in any Swing compatible Java environment. It specifically has been tested in Internet Explorer and Netscape with the Java Plugin. Please contact Isaac Dooley with any problems or suggestions for the applet. If you would like to distribute or maintain a local copy of this applet, please contact me. The applet was created by Isaac Dooley, and Dr. Barry Spieler at Birmingham Southern College.

©2003 Isaac Dooley